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Our vision is comprehensive and seeks to optimize the financial resources of our clients

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We manage each of our porcesses with a high level of trust, clarity, security and transparency

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We focus and investigate your project. We provide a framework to help plan and identify strategies

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We are US industry leading full service importers and specialists.

We have extensive knowledge of those involved in consumer packaged goods for food, beverages and general merchandise.

We have a high in-depth knowledge of the industry in Hispanic, ethnic and general markets.

Certified Business agency

We guarantee high availability

We provide leading brands with the strategy to increase total distribution points and market share in the US from import to consumption.

We have extensive knowledge of the players involved in Consumer Packaged Goods for Food, Beverage and General Merchandise.

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We are specialists in the development and execution of strategic and operational consulting.

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We have the experience to lead international brands that want to market their products in the US.

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We Have A High Depth Of Knowledge In The Industry Of Hispanic, Ethnic And General Markets.​

"They created our strategy and made the connections..."

Ricky G.

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"After years of trying to penetrate the Hispanic mar..."

Nancy Gordon

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"By far, the best customer service I have found. Everyo..."

Anthony Ezequiel Jr.

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Ensures High Availability

Knowledge base

Communication with business and marketing brokers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

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We work so that companies are agile and capable of solving problems faster than their competition.

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Based on over 750 reviews and 20,000 objective resources

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We have impacted many brands and customers world wide

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